carbonauten agriculture

Every person has the basic right to healthy and affordable food.

Conventional agriculture has been working for decades with products that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. It depends on petroleum-based chemicals, agricultural toxins, and specially adapted plants and animals. The consequences are degraded, dry, infertile soils, loss of species and biodiversity, ecosystem collapse, and reduction in crop yields. Added to this are rising prices for artificial fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural poisons and CO2 certificates, as well as the future shortage of crude oil.

Organic farming has yields of about 50-60% of conventionally farmed land, and in some cases low-dose agrochemicals or controversial inputs are used.

carbonauten agriculture offers highly effective, ecological and economically attractive alternatives. The basis for this is ancient knowledge and intensive research on adaptation to the current needs of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. An international team of experts in agriculture and scientists in soils, plants and animals develop formulations for specific products and optimize them for the diverse applications.

Organic becomes cheap for all: products for a regenerative, better and profitable agriculture

Increase crop yields and reduce costs naturally: The products of carbonauten agriculture enable regenerative, industry-oriented and profitable agriculture. Costs per hectare and animal are falling, while qualities and volumes are rising. The soils store and buffer water, humus is formed, and nutrients such as nitrate, nitrogen and phosphorus remain available. The effects on diseases caused by fungi and bacteria and parasites are positive.

Thus, every user contributes to an active reduction of greenhouse gases and an increase in the quality of life.

carbonauten® bio stimulant

The carbonauten® bio stimulant is an environmentally friendly agricultural product that stimulates plant growth, improves soil fertility and accelerates seed germination.

It also supports the self-defense of plants and animals against harmful fungi, bacteria and parasites. carbonauten® bio stimulant is simply added to water at 2 – 3 % and can be stored almost indefinitely.

It is obtained through a special refining and distillation process integrated with the carbonation technology, which uses its renewable energy.

carbonauten® soil activator

The carbonauten® soil avtivator is a mixture of specified biocarbons and carbonauten® bio stimulant. This organic soil additive improves plant productivity as well as the long-term fertility of the soil. As a result, this increases incomes and reduces expensive,CO2-intensive agrochemicals and poisons.

carbonauten® soil activator is ready to use and is applied with conventional machine technology.

Two products for numerous applications

Application and properties


  • Improved stable hygiene
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Improvement of pasture quality
  • Effective humus buildup


  • Binds ammonia and methane
  • Antibiotic replacement
  • Repels parasites
  • Improved animal welfare


  • Promote the digestion of loose nitrogen
  • Formic acid to repel insects
  • Improving the crop yield
  • Stimulation of the plant metabolism

Agriculture Current

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