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by | Aug 9, 2022 | Mission and vision

Regeneration as a promise

Ecological regeneration, solidarity, justice, decency, gratitude, openness and surprise are consistently lived at carbonauten. Torsten Becker and Christoph Hiemer met in 2013 and founded carbonauten in 2017. The Start Up begging tour through the German investor scene hardens and forges together. Both have a clear goal firmly in mind: to reduce climate gases in the range of gigatons from 2022 onwards, while making decentrally produced food, materials and energy renewable, better and cheaper for all. This solidarity approach means openness to all comrades-in-arms against climate escalation. Competitors do not know carbonauten, because everyone who can contribute is welcome. Risks do not exist, except the risk of not doing it.

Thus, the technologies and formulations are made available to partners and allies.

Creativity, science and technology, and social responsibility are driving forces.The brand essence “simplicity” brings speed to scaling. In this way, the necessary industrial dimensions are achieved for the carbonaut system to have its ecological, social and economic impact.

Christoph Hierher (left) and Torsten Becker (right)

carbonauten 2030

carbonauten is interested in the future, because that is the time in which we will live.

Reducing climate gases by several gigatons should already be achieved by 2030. This is because one ton of biocarbon can generate leverage by a factor of 1,000 or more via the comprehensive and holistic carbonaut system. To reach the 1,000,000 t biocarbon mark annually as quickly as possible, only more than 500 carbonization modules are needed at just over 100 production sites. We are already developing our technologies further and optimizing processes.

The potential of NET Materials® seems inexhaustible, scientists, universities, institutes and companies are working on new applications.

Cooperation and solidarity are the basis for effectively countering climate escalation. carbonauten does not accomplish this alone, sees itself as a significant and inspiring part of a collaborative effort of humanity.


Millions of tons of CO2-negative materials and platform biochemicals, as well as renewable energy of several terawatt-hours, will be produced over the next few years via dozens of global and modularly expandable production facilities. The goal is to reduce, avoid and store climate gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the range of gigatons. This is the only way to dampen the increasing greenhouse effects of the physically inert atmosphere.


The proprietary carbonation technology works strikingly simple, is flexible in input and output, modularly expandable and therefore particularly efficient. It is the core for technological expansions such as the production of engineered biocarbons, low-cost activated carbons and green hydrogen. Our decentralized factories equipped with these systems produce products that meet demand and specifications in the respective regions.


“I have a dream!”. Fighting for a better world is what drives each Carbonauten use freedoms, take risks, learn from mistakes and live empathy. “The better idea beats the good idea!” enables individual and community dreams to come true.

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