carbonauten energy

Inexpensive, base-load and renewable energy

The decentralized “minus CO2 factories” provide 24/7 cheap and CO2-neutral energy for companies, communities, cities and municipalities. The carbonaut technology generates significantly more energy from the regional woody biomass residues than is needed for their carbonation. The modularly expandable plants produce annually in principle with at least three production modules from 24 GWh heat (850° C), 10 GWh electricity or 120 – 1,000* t green hydrogen or mixed forms thereof. The energy is provided through a contracting arrangement.

Energy concept

carbonauten offers permanent, cheap and CO2-neutral energy for industry, cities and communities. In the sense of energy contracting, carbonauten finances, builds and operates minus CO2 factories and feeds the surplus energy – thermal and/or electrical – into the existing industrial processes, heat and power grids or provides green hydrogen.

Energy forms

  • Thermal energy as directly usable process heat
  • Electrical energy through the conversion of the synthesis gas into electricity
  • Green hydrogen via electrolysis or as a byproduct of activated carbon production

Our offer

  • Base-load capable renewable energy
  • Utilization of waste materials
  • Independence from input material
  • Direct feed into heat networks
  • Local power generation

Synthesis gas

  • In furnaces up to 1,250° C
  • Direct power generation via combined heat and power plant
  • Steam generation

Cheap thermal energy

  • Direct process heat up to 850° C
  • Residual heat of carbonization

Energy Current

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