Forward-looking partnership with EUROKO for internationalization

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The business purpose of EUROKO, based in Heidenheim, is to promote the transfer of German companies and their know-how to Asia, among other places. “The image of German companies and research institutions abroad remains excellent. We sense a great enthusiasm, especially among the Chinese, for quality from Germany.

On the other hand, German companies and scientific institutes are looking for concrete, swift and uncomplicated partners who cannot be found in their home country. We consciously use these two motives”. Hansjörg Kopp, CEO of EUROKO, summarizes. “With carbonauten, we have an exceptionally innovative company in the environmental sector with the best prerequisites for the Asian market on board.” Together with EUROKO, carbonauten will prepare the launch in China in the coming weeks.

The concrete goal is the realization of an environmental center with research and production in the eco showcase city of Huhzou near Shanghai. One focus will be packaging materials made from biocarbons. From there, the Chinese market is to be developed with EUROKO. Torsten Becker explains this step: “China is now our first choice for these projects, as we do not experience a corresponding response for our innovations in Germany.” The joint project will first be presented to Chinese authorities in early November, followed by an investor conference in early 2019.

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