World’s first minus CO2 factory for biocarbons nears completion

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Giengen. Dec 06, 2021 – Take 3.3 tons of CO2 and turn it into 1 ton of biocarbon, which permanently binds the climate gas and is an excellent raw material for everything from fertilizer to high-quality plastics. Minus CO2 is what carbonauten, a start-up from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, calls it. With its decarbonization plants, carbonauten wants to realize sustainable local circular economies that reduce CO2, generate climate-neutral energy and generate profits.

A pilot site in Eberswalde, built with an investment of 3.6 million euros, acts as a proof of concept. The first burners and heat exchangers were delivered at the end of November. Starting in spring 2022, an additional 108 metric tons of green hydrogen per year will be produced there from regional biomass residues in addition to 6,000 metric tons of biocarbons. “A milestone for the implementation of our concept on a broad scale,” founder Torsten Becker is pleased to say. “A goosebump moment!”

Now the company is stepping up its search for additional sites and industrial applications. Concrete talks are underway with local energy suppliers as well as with international industrial companies. The company has already found partners for fields of application in the agricultural and plastics sectors.

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